Aquarium,/texas/arlington/,14W,$18,Light,Light,,w,Spectrum,,LED,Pet Supplies , Fish Aquatic Pets , Aquarium Lights,Full,Tank,HiTauing,Fish $18 HiTauing 14W Full Spectrum LED Aquarium Light, Fish Tank Light w Pet Supplies Fish Aquatic Pets Aquarium Lights HiTauing 14W Full Spectrum LED Fish w Aquarium Light Max 49% OFF Tank HiTauing 14W Full Spectrum LED Fish w Aquarium Light Max 49% OFF Tank Aquarium,/texas/arlington/,14W,$18,Light,Light,,w,Spectrum,,LED,Pet Supplies , Fish Aquatic Pets , Aquarium Lights,Full,Tank,HiTauing,Fish $18 HiTauing 14W Full Spectrum LED Aquarium Light, Fish Tank Light w Pet Supplies Fish Aquatic Pets Aquarium Lights

HiTauing 14W Full Outstanding Spectrum LED Fish w Aquarium Light Max 49% OFF Tank

HiTauing 14W Full Spectrum LED Aquarium Light, Fish Tank Light w


HiTauing 14W Full Spectrum LED Aquarium Light, Fish Tank Light w


Product Description


Warm Tips:

1. The fish tank light has IP68 waterproof, but the adapter is not waterproof, please do not put the adapter and the wire into the water.

2. The light board may become hot after a long time of use. This is a normal phenomenon, please avoid touching the light board directly with your hands. Turn off the power and wait for 10-15 minutes before touching it.

3. The operation of the aquarium light is a bit complicated, you may encounter difficulties during use, please read the manual carefully to set it up, if you still encounter problems, we can solve the problem for you as soon as possible.

1 1
14W for 12-18inch Tank 18W for 18-24inch Tank
Power 14W 18W
Suggested Fish Tank 12-18 inch 18-24 inch
Lumen 910 LM 1240 LM
Color Temperature:6000-10000K
Output:DC 20V
Input:AC 100-240 V
Power Cord 4.9ft+2.3ft 4.9ft+2.3ft

HiTauing 14W Full Spectrum LED Aquarium Light, Fish Tank Light w

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Can we all agree that it’s incredibly confusing to find the perfect housewarming gifts for your loved ones? There are infinite possibilities when shopping for a gift, and little to no guidelines are available. Some gifts might be considered to be too personal, whereas others could look impersonal and rather generic. The solution might be to gift something practical that will come in handy. That said, at times such gifts might feel less celebratory. Therefore, it’s our aim in 2022 to buy housewarming gifts that are festive, personal, and thoughtful all at the same time. The key to buying the perfect housewarming gift is usually something that is useful alongside enjoyable. Lucky for you, now there are smart home accessories available at affordable prices that are practical for use and add delight to the house itself. Smart home gadgets also introduce comfort and convenience in your day-to-day life. Some of these smart home accessories also tend to add an individualized or intimate touch to one’s new home and create a warm and fuzzy feeling. At the same time, some of these gadgets are the perfect fit for people who enjoy entertaining and hosting friends and family. Whether you’re attending a housewarming party of a friend or family member, it doesn’t have to be that hard to find new home gifts for them. We’ve decided to make it easy by sharing some smart home housewarming gifts for the tech-savvy new homeowners. Smart Plugs Smart plugs are usually reasonably priced, easily customizable, and always considered to be useful. Smart plugs are used in the electrical sockets that are connected with normal home appliances and electronic devices to give you the ability to control them via their app on your smartphone. All you need to do is download the smart plug app and you’ll be able to toggle the controls to turn on music, lights, or another connected device from anywhere around the world. Contraptions as such allow you to turn on the porch light or so before arriving home. Robot Vacuum Is your new homeowner friend a pet owner as well? Perhaps you could consider getting them a smart robot vacuum to clean all the fur, and basically all the mess that’s lurking everywhere in the house. Robot vacuums are able to clean first from those hard-to-reach spots such as the area underneath your couch. This smart device can be controlled and managed from your smartphone and you can even create a cleaning schedule for when you’re away. Smart Display What could be the perfect addition to your friend’s new kitchen? An all-in-one smart display. A smart display might be small in since but is one mighty device that has the ability to access your apps and even allow audio and video calls at your fingertips. Just imagine having the ability to access your cookbook via your smart display without having to flip the pages with your greasy fingers. You can also listen to podcasts and even access your doorbell camera when guests are arriving.  Essential Oil Diffuser Sometimes your new home may feel cold and stiff during the first few days until you start filling the space with your furniture and favorite items. An essential oil diffuser is the perfect housewarming gift for people who’re info meditation and aromatherapy. This will allow your new homeowner friend, to have their favorite scent in the air and even create a sense of familiarity. They can connect this device to their smartphone for automation and easy scheduling. Smart Herb Garden Is your new homeowner friend an entertainer or home chef? They might enjoy being gifted a smart herb garden that will allow them to set an herb corner in their dream kitchen. A smart herb garden is a self-watering planter that provided itself with its very own light source and has an in-built timer. All you’ll have to do is add the seed pods and only fill the reservoir on the first day and watch your herb grow full by the end of the month. This gives you the perfect reason to insist on a dinner party to enjoy the gift that’ll keep growing! Smart Karaoke Microphone If your friend loves singing, you can gift them a Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone that comes with LED party lights. Believe it or now, nothing is more celebratory than being all your family and friends to make memories together when they get the keys to their new home. This gift is also a great option for homeowners that have young children as they can continue to enjoy this gift for years to come. Conclusion Well, there you go! We just shared the best smart gadgets you can get for new homeowners, and trust us, you’ll not regret getting any of these amazing smart home gifts!
TikTok is a well-known video-sharing interpersonal organization, and let's face it – TikTok is habit-forming. It has a lot of clients, with some of them taking cover behind the illusion of their creative mind that they are unremarkable and their area is obscure.  It is additionally bolstered by how TikTok handles area, which relies upon the area of your SIM number and how they keep one's IP address stowed away. Shockingly, without exertion from their end, they are not quite so unknown as they might suspect, and you can get the IP address of any TikTok client given you can persuade him to complete straightforward activities online through an unquestionable requirement have hacking expertise – social designing.  You can observe the area of a client through their IP address. The IP address shows you where the gadget is found and from which area the client is working sure applications or sites. It would be best if you thought it feasible to follow somebody's area through TikTok.  1. Track Down Location on TikTok TikTok has turned into a habit-forming web-based media webpage with billions of individuals utilizing it for sharing substance. As referenced before, TikTok esteems the client's security by keeping their IP address and other individual subtleties stowed away.  Nonetheless, bringing the IP address isn't quite so troublesome as it might sound. It's a cakewalk, given that you have the right friendly design abilities. You need to persuade the individual to execute a couple of straightforward systems to track down their area on TikTok.  Open the TikTok IP Address Finder by i-Staunch and enter the TikTok username. Tap on the Find button, and you will get the IP address. Presently you can utilize it to follow the area of somebody's TikTok account on Google Map.  2. IP Grabber As the name recommends, IP grabber is a site that assists you with creating a short connection that unveils the area of the objective. You should create a connection, send it to the objective client on TikTok, and get them to tap on it. The best part is you don't need to spend a solitary dime or utilize any specialized abilities to get everything done. The site can utilize and create an abbreviated URL that is very basic. Notwithstanding, the technique works when the objective client follows you back on TikTok. Converse with him for some time, and send the abbreviated URL. The second the client taps on the URL, they will be diverted to the Gratify site. While this technique works for all, realize that it is helpful for individuals who are unconscious of the abbreviated URL stunt and how it is utilized to gather the IP address. Many individuals know about this little stunt and won't ever tap on the URL. The well-informed individuals can likewise utilize the instruments to know the genuine reason for the abbreviated URL and what's taken cover behind it. You could likewise set up your site to sound certified. However, that will be expensive and tedious. Furthermore, there's as yet a possibility the client won't do what you mean them to do.  3. IP Address without Their Knowledge or Permission It may appear to be an attack of protection from the outset; however, the IP address of a client isn't private data. It is legitimate to get somebody's IP address as long as you don't plan to utilize it for illicit purposes, for example, bothering the client or following them.  You should foster your site disconnected first, regardless of whether utilizing a programming language to create without any preparation or utilizing a substance the board framework to finish that. Ensure the site offers genuine significant data so they will not presume anything. For each web demand sent, the IP address of the gadget sending the solicitation is logged, and in that capacity, you need to keep a log, everything being equal, and you are all set.  In the wake of fostering the site, you can feel free to have it. I will encourage you to utilize a free facilitating administration to reduce expenses. You can look at this page to find a portion of the free facilitating suppliers accessible.  In contrast to the facilitating, I will prompt against utilizing free spaces. Free area augmentation could look peculiar and raise an eyebrow. All things being equal, purchase a modest website space name and use it.  With everything set up, you can get the TikTok client to visit your site. When that occurs, you can check the server log and get the IP address of the client.  You want to monitor the time the client visits the site and ensure you don't connect to many individuals all at once. Notwithstanding, if the site requires enrollment and clients can enter their subtleties, this doesn't make a difference. Conclusion This article clarified the routes to track and observe somebody's IP address from TikTok. Utilize the above strides for these instruments to follow the IP address of somebody's TikTok.
Do you want to delete your Skype account permanently? Skype is a software that lets you make video calls for business purposes or make group video calls. In this article, you will know about Skype account deletion. This article explores How to Delete A Skype Account Permanently on a mobile phone or desktop. What is Skype Account? A Skype is a software that lets you create an account to make group video calls for business and other purposes. You can create an account on this software by downloading this software on your desktop or an android app on your mobile phone. This app allows the users to access all Microsoft services such as OneDrive, Outlook, Xbox, and other online services. You can create your account by downloading the Skype application on your mobile phone, tablet, and desktop computer. Delete Your Skype Account Permanently Do you want to delete your Skype account permanently? To delete a Skype account permanently is not a single-step process and is easy. Here are some straightforward steps to delete your Skype account on mobile phone and desktop. How to Delete Skype Account Online? If your Microsoft account is not linked with your Skype account, you can delete this account easily; by signing in to your account directly. You can delete your Skype account by signing in to your account online visiting the Skype homepage. Here are some simple steps to delete your Skype account online: Open your internet browser on your mobile phone or desktop and visit the homepage of  Sign in to your account and open your profile to search the “Account Setting” option. You will find the Microsoft account option in the account setting, with an “Unlink” option. Click on this option to unlink your Microsoft Account and Skype Account in a single step. If you have a subscription of any type on your Skype account, cancel these subscriptions. You can refund your amount of subscriptions by sending a request. Delete your Skype name and number from your account. Use the Auto-renew feature to remove ongoing payments from your account. Set your Skype status offline and sign out of your account from all devices where you have a Skype account. You have deleted your Skype account online by signing in your account at Delete Your Skype Account Permanently on Desktop Do you want to delete your Skype account on the desktop permanently? Follow these straightforward steps to delete your Skype account on desktop: Download the Skype application on your desktop computer. Let the installation be complete. Open the application and enter your name and open your profile. Go to the account settings menu to search the delete account option in the right-side panel. In the account setting, you will find an option of account deletion. Next, you have to verify your Skype ID and Skype password for the Next procedure. After verification of Skype Id and Skype Password, you will find details of your subscription and credits that you will lose due to account deletion. Click on “Next”, and select the reason for which you want to delete your account. Here you find an option of “Mark Account for Closure”, Click on this option for next. Your request to delete your Skype account on the desktop has been sent and will take some to proceed. All data and contacts on your Skype account will be deleted; with account deletion. It will take some time to clear your data permanently. You must delete your subscriptions before deleting your account to resubmit your funds and credits. Delete Your Skype Account on iPhone To delete your Skype Account from android and iPhone has the same steps as on desktop. Let us have a look at these simple steps to delete your Skype account on iPhone permanently: Download the Skype app from the play store and let it be installed if you do not have this application on your iPhone. Open the Skype app and enter your Skype name on the front page of this app. Open your profile and go to the setting menu to search for the account deletion option at the right-side panel. You will find here an option “account and profile” where you have an option of “close your account”. You need to verify your account number and put your password to proceed with the account deletion. Read out the terms and click on next to select the reason for account deletion. Select the option “Mark Account for closure” and go to next. You have deleted your Skype account on your iPhone permanently and no more on your Skype account. Your all private data and contacts also have been deleted. Conclusion You can delete your Skype account permanently from your desktop and iPhone just by signing in to your account and following some easy steps. You will delete all your data and contacts with your account. You must refund your subscriptions and refund your credit before deleting your account permanently.
You need a username and password to log in to your Skype account and make video calls. You cannot sign in to your Skype account without a password. If you have forgotten your Skype password, you can recover your password to get a new password. Use the new password to sign in to your Skype account and make video calls.  In this article, you will know how to recover a password from a Skype account and the Password Recovery tool. Why Need to Recover Your Skype Password? Skype is a live streaming application that lets you enjoy the best live streaming call with your business group or educational groups. You just create an account and get a username and password to sign in to your account for making live calls. The username and password are required to sign in to your account. If you forget your password, you cannot sign in to your account and need to recover your Skype password for using this application. You can change your password using recovery tools and change your password from the recovery page of the Skype application. Without a password, you cannot use the Skype application and sign in to your account. What is the “Skype Password Recovery Tool”? Do you want to recover your Skype password? Skype Password Recovery Tool helps you to recover your Skype password instantly and in an easy way. You can use this tool if you have forgotten your password and want a new Skype password for your Skype application. It is free software that lets you recover your password for free and get a new password for your Skype account. Skype Password recovery tool is not a hacking tool that lets users hack the password of a Skype account. It just helps the users to recover a lost password or get a new password for a Skype account. How to Use Skype Password Recovery Tool for Recovering Skype Password: Skype Password recovery tool is an easier and instant tool that helps Skype users to recover their lost passwords in some easy steps: Download the “Skype Password recovery tool” and install this software on your desktop device and install on your device. Open the software and start the recovery process to recover your Skype password instantly. The recovery tool will detect your Skype username and you can enter your username by yourself. You will find a password file in the installation folder of this application. Open this file click on “Start recovery” to proceed with the recovery process.  This hit will start to find your password by detecting your account and taking some time to complete this process. After a few minutes, you will find your Skype password and a recovery report. You can save this recovery file on your desktop device. Advantages of Skype Password Recovery Tools: Skype Password Recovery tool is easy and free to use for password recovery on your desktop device. This application detects your username automatically and proceeds with the recovery operation. This recovery tool works instantly and recovers your password in a few minutes.  The application is easy to use and has a complete guide for users to recover their passwords in easy steps. Skype Password Recovery Tool also generates a password recovery file that you can save on your device. Use Skype Password Recovery Form to Recover Your Skype Password You can recover your password from your Skype account by loading the password recovery form. This recovery process takes some time and lets you change your password to get a new password for your account. Open the Skype application and go to the main profile.  Here you will find a password recovery form to recover your password from your account. Enter your right credentials in this recovery form. This recovery form required the following information  Email Address Mobile Number  User Name  Enter these credentials correctly to recover your password easily. This information will help the Skype Server to find your account and send you a password recovery link. Submit this information after reading carefully for password recovery. This recovery form will take 24 hours to send you a password recovery link. You will find a recovery link on your Google Account or Microsoft account. This recovery link may be sent to your other accounts, Facebook accounts, or Twitter. Open the link and write the new Skype password for your account. Now you can create a new password for your Skype account. A verification link was sent to you for signing in to your account. Conclusion A Skype account helps you to make a high-quality video call for business and educational purposes. You get a username and Skype password for signing in to your Skype account. If you forgot or lost this password, you cannot sign in to your account. You can recover your Skype Password by using a Skype Password Recovery Tool or using a password recovery form from a Skype account.
Do you want to create a Skype for Business account for business calls? You can make video calls for a business meeting with your employees by creating and logging in to a Skype account. A Skype account lets you enjoy live streaming calls with your fans, business partners, employees, and online classes. You can create a Skype account on your mobile and desktop devices. You can sign in to a business Skype with your Skype account address and password. You can sign in to your Skype account and lead business meetings on your mobile phone and desktop. In this article, you will know how to log into Skype for Business on mobile and Mac. “Skype for Business” Application “Skype for Business” is an application that lets the business holders carry instant messages and video calls. This application was designed for business by Microsoft. Download this application on your mobile phone and Mac. Skype for Business application supports windows, android, Mac OS, and iOS. This application lets you send text, audio, and video instantly; for business purposes. Skype for Business application is the best application that lets you use the following features for your business conference calls: Call recording Instant messaging File sharing Whiteboard collaboration Online meetings HD video conferencing You can sign in to your Skype account and lead business meetings on your mobile phone and desktop. Log into Skype for Business on Mac Do you want to log into your Skype for Business account on Mac? You can sign in to your Skype for Business account for meeting to have a great business experience on Skype: Go to the homepage of Office365 download the Skype business app on your MAC desktop and select the software form setting option. Install the business installer to install the Skype for Business application on your Mac system. Install the Skype for Business application on your desktop and open this application to carry out the sign-in process. Open the Skype application and push the “sign-in” button. Provide your email address to sign in to this Skype for Business application. A dialogue box will ask you to enter your Skype password. Enter your password. If you have saved your password on your desktop Skype for Business application, you can sign in as an autosave password. After putting in your password, write your Skype user name and click sign in. You will find a welcome page and click on finish to start the business meeting on your Mac system. Sign into Skype for Business on A Mobile Phone You can sign in to your Skype for Business account on your mobile phone for enjoying the best business meeting experience. You can send video, audio messages, and video calls sharing your mobile screen with others. Here are simple steps to sign in to your Skype for Business account on your mobile phone: Open this internet browser on your android device and search the “Skype for Business” application.  Download this application and install it on your android. Open the application and start the sign-in process. Put your email address, password, country code, and mobile number to sign in for the first time. Once you have signed in to your account, you can sign into Skype for business on your mobile phone by putting your user name and password. Open the application and enter your sign-in information on the first page to carry out the sign-in process. Sign in to Skype for Business Effortlessly Do you want to enjoy the best business meetings by sharing your android and desktop screen? Skype for Business is the best business application that lets you send text, audio remotely. You can install this application on your desktop and mac operating systems easily. This application is also available for mobile phones to communicate with your business partners and employees on conference calls. Follow these steps to sign in to your Skype for Business account effortlessly. Download the application “Skype for Business” on your mobile phone and Mac. Get registered on Skype for business and put your information on the sign-in page. If you have a Skype account, you can use this information for signing in to your Skype for Business application. Add the people to your Skype for Business account using your contacts or add an organization to your account. Create groups for the business call by adding contacts to your business account. Now you can contact your wanted people on Skype and send them instant messages for business purposes. Conclusion “Skype for Business” application is best for enjoying business conference call on your mobile and desktop screen. You can send instant text, audio, and video messages; to others using this application. Install Skype for Business application and sign in to your Skype for Business account on mobile and desktop for enjoying conference calls remotely.
Skype lets you make live streaming calls; for business purposes, educational purposes, and other group calls. This is the best streaming application that helps you a lot; to make HD quality video call with a high screen view. In this article, Loginnote will discuss how to improve your Skype calls for better performance on Skype. Here are some ridiculous tricks for better performance on Skype and improve your Skype calls: 1. A Clear Background To improve the quality of your Skype calls, you must select a clear and clean background that gives a clear and cool sight. If you make a Skype call where things are scattered, it will give a noisy impression on your receiver. Be careful about your call background to start a Skype call with your business group or other people. Be conscious about your background on a Skype call for better performance and improve your call. 2. Be Careful about Lighting Quality Another factor that may affect your Skype call is proper lighting. If you are not sitting in the proper light, it will create a dark effect, and you suffer from a low-quality Skype call. Bright lighting will improve the call quality and give a clear view. You can see everything clear and bright. The receiver will not disturb due to dim light or shadows of objects. Sit indirect and bright light place where everything looks clear and without a yellowish effect. 3. Dress Up Nicely Must be conscious about your wardrobe selection while going on a Skype call, and look graceful. When you are going to a professional call with your business employees or to deliver an online class, you must dress up good looking clothes. Try to select the colors easily tap the light reflection; give a nice impact on your viewer. This trick also helps you improve your call quality on Skype. 4. Use A Real Camera for Your Android Device and Desktop The most important thing that affects the performance and quality of your Skype calls is the quality of the camera that you use for making live streaming calls on Skype. Try to use a real quality HD webcam; that can deliver real views and better quality calls; on your Skype application. You must check the quality of your Webcam and place the camera at the right position from your device. Use a real camera at least 10 feet away from your device for a better quality of video calls on Skype. 5. Set A Small Studio for Skype Calls Here is a very ridiculous tip; for making your Skype calls better and improving your Skype performance, you can create a small studio for making live streaming call on Skype. Set a beautiful background and better light quality in this small studio to have better call performance on the Skype application. Use a real webcam on a required position that can give a better view of your background. 6. Use Better Internet Connection Be sure about the internet quality; before making a live streaming call on Skype. If your internet connection or Wi-Fi connection is weak, you cannot make a smooth Skype call with others. The singles break due to an unstable internet connection and interrupt you during calls. Check the internet connection and use a stable internet connection for your Skype calls. 7. Use A Wired Connection to the Internet A wireless connection must have high data transfer rate for making improved calls. If you use a Wi-Fi or wireless connection on your android and desktop device, it must have a high speed to carry the calls with better performance. Use a wired internet connection to make the quality of Skype call better. 8. Keep Your Hardware Updated Check your hardware quality to connect with others on Skype calls. If your hardware stop working during a call, it may interrupt you; does not give a good impression. Keep your hardware updated to improve the Skype calls and improve your Skype performance. 9. Update Your Skype Application Android and desktop applications keep on updating and adding new features to the new versions. If you have an old version of the Skype application you may find the log-in issue or other problems during calls. Update your application and install the new version of the Skype application. The latest version of the Skype application will let you enjoy a better call experience on Skype. 10. Update Your Operating System Keep your operating system up-to-date to enjoy high-quality calls on Skype and have a better experience on Skype calls. Check your operating system and install the updates if needed.  Your windows must be latest and compatible with the latest version of Skype for better performance of Skype and Skype calls.
Do you want to learn an activity having some fun also? It’s time to create a Kahoot account for free and learn unlimited skills by playing the game. Kahoot is now offering you to learn interesting activities, play games, and have some fun. It is a learning platform that allows you to play learning games and enjoy a lot of fun. This article will let you know about; the use of Kahoot accounts as students and create a Kahoot account without signing up. What is Kahoot? Kahoot is a learning platform that lets you learn interesting activities play funny games, and have fun with your students or teachers. This online platform creates a classroom situation and lets the students learn activities online. This platform engages the students and teachers as in a classroom situation. This online platform is not only for students but also for all people to learn some social activities in a great way. People can interact with each other and communicate as in the physical world. You can use this online learning platform on your device with an internet connection and internet browser. Use Kahoot as A Student Kahoot is a learning platform that helps students to learn activities playing games. They can use this platform by creating an account on this platform. Create an account and set a user profile by signing in to the application. This application works on both android devices and desktops using an internet connection.  The following information is required to use Kahoot account as a student and complete the signup process: Date of Birth: The first field that is required and essential in the form is your date of birth. Enter the correct date of birth in the signup form. If your age is 13 as a U.S citizen and 16 as a Non-US student you can sign up for the form. Detail of School or University: The student form requires the details of your school and university to use Kahoot as a student. This field is optional in form, and you can skip this if you do not want to enter details of your school or university. Select A User Name: The user name is essential and required for your identity on the Kahoot learning platform. Billions of users are using this online learning platform. Your user name must be unique and visible to others so that they can search for you easily on this platform. The username will identify you uniquely on the Kahoot platform. The length of the username is about 20 characters and it does not have any space between characters. Email Address: Email address is a required field to sign up and use a Kahoot account as a student. A notification is sent to your Gmail account to verify your account. You can use this email if you forget your password and want to reset your password. Create a Strong Password: A password is also a required field, and you cannot skip this field on the form. Enter a strong password to complete your signup process. Your password must contain at least 6 characters and a maximum of 20 characters. Remember this password to login into your account. Create A Kahoot without signing up Do you want to use Kahoot learning platform? You can create an account on this learning platform and learn for free. This game-based learning platform lets you create an account for free and carry your learning activities by hosting your game. You can use this account without signing in to your account and hosting your game. The teacher can create a Kahoot account without signing up on the Kahoot platform just by putting their information on the home page: Visit the Kahoot homepage and push the option “Sign up for free”. Select Role as teacher or Student to proceed with the account creation for free. Select the signup method with Google Account or Microsoft account to create a Kahoot account without signing up. Complete your form of the account by entering the information as: Username  Organization Workplace details A password notification will be sent to your Google account or Microsoft account. You can create your account; with your email address of Google account and select a user name; for your identification on Kahoot. Password is required to log in to your account. Click on “create account” and log in to your account; for enjoying the Kahoot experience online. You have created your Kahoot account without signing up by using your Google account or Microsoft account for free. Conclusion Kahoot is an online learning platform based on games and quizzes that lets the students, teachers, socials, and other users create an account for free. You can create a Kahoot account without signing up; by using your Google account or Microsoft account. You can create an account to use Kahoot as a student to learn online.

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